Friday, January 29, 2016

A Bite of Pure Energy

Everyone  needs a pop of energy. Unfortunately those store bought bars are more filled with sugar and gluten than they are anything else. Luckily there's a new recipe book that has dozens of recipes. They're flavorful and low calorie but above all - easy to make.

Energy Bites (Penguin Random House Publishers) is a bright, poppy little book that's chock full of interesting facts as well as recipes. It was written by Kate Turner and Annie Nichols are also blogsters and Ms. Turners is known for her healthy recipes.All are gluten and dairy free so anyone could eat them..Kids to experienced home chefs can make these thanks to the easy how to pictures. It's a simple formula.Nuts plus dried fruit plus plus powders ad sticky stuff for binding. It ends with a dip in coatings.  There is an extra section on how to cook the various components along with how to roll and dip them as well as cook them.The ingredients come from health food stores. There is bee pollen and chia seeds along with raw honey and coconut oil.Luckily , the books starts out with an illustrated dictionary  that thoroughly explains the ingredients, even some of the more common ones like cacao and almonds.

What are the combos? Interesting ones. There is the perfect for after school apple pie.It's mixing rolled oats with pecans. The powdered super fruit from Peru ,lucuma is also added for a boost. Tropical immune boosters are packed with turmeric along with the exotic dried mango and baobab powder. Some bites could actually masquerade as appetizers. Raw broccoli and maca, a South American type of radish . It also has tahini and onion in it for more boost but it would be great  starting off a healthy barbecue. There are also sweet potato spicy bites, perked up with red onion, cumin and turmeric . The bites could also end a meal too as with the raw chocolate energy bites that has mashed avocado to give them a ganache texture. Try the frozen ones too,that involve avocado and banana along with cacao nibs and chia seeds. It's mixed with almond milk to get that creamy iced cream texture.

Energy Bites is a great book for those who want to nibbles to keep them going.It's a fun poppy book full of information as well as recipes. Buy it today for some fun and healthy eating.

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