Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Times Top Ten List

It's that time of the year when lists come out and the New York Times Food section is no different.  Today's issue is no different. The best recipes, drinks and restaurants are listed along with the hottest food terms of the year. It's an interesting look at how treats and toddies influenced the year that was.

What are the top recipes of the year? Ones that I would certainly like to try, There is roasted chicken provencal, a melange of thighs and wings roasted with shallots, lemons and garlic in a vermouth bath infused with herbes de Provence,Chicken is also top again, this time with an Mediterranean flavor.,oven roasted chicken sharwanaIt 's an easy fix of piling the sliced meat onto a platter and decorate with salad and topping. It's a fun light New Year's dish after heavy holiday feasting..It's tahini gracing chopped cucumbers and tomatoes along with parsley, olives and feta. Fried eggplant also adds flavor along with hummus swirled with harissa. Pile it on pita for a sandwich/salad mash up. Summer pasta with zucchini,ricotta and pasta was also popular.It's just a simple dish that you could even make now using frozen squash.There's also another  refreshingly simple dish - salmon with anchovy garlic butter. Capers are also added for a zesty saltiness but it's really the anchovy butter that makes it sing.Three cup chicken , a famed Taiwanese braise of thighs and wings in a dark and pungent sauce.Some of the other recipes were a quick fresh tomato sauce and the only dessert to make it was summer berry buckle.

What drinks made the list?Auslese.It a German riesling made from very ripe grapes and oomphed up with Botrytis cinerea. Sherry ,an old fashioned classic  has also cracked the list.As per the Pour column writer, Eric Asimiv, it has an almost oceanic taste thanks to the note of saline and iodine. He also praises the moderately priced wines such as the 2014 Mojo cabernet franc from Shinn Estate, a famed Long Island producer. The Southern Rhone gives the tasty blend of grenache, syrah and mourvedre. Another favorite was the 2013 trocken riesling fermented from grapes grown on limestone..The stone was reflected in the notes,stony, chalky and floral. Try these at the city's top restaurants.There's Gabriel Kreuther, named for the chef., is an homage to all dishes Alsacian, with its'rustic tarte flambees and liverwurst. Superiority Burger, the make is a  kind of a misnomer, is another yummy fave catering to vegans and vegetarians. Fans rave about the tofu Philly cheesesteak along with a sugary white sweet potato topped with chopped pickles, serranos and tarragon. Of course Momofuko Ko is right up there; New Yorkers love their boxed sushi and uni or sea urchin with chicken. Mexican food is also number one with Manhattanites  as seen in Cosme.with real Mexican tortillas along with celebrations of traditional dishes.

These are the lists to guide you to good eating and dining along with good drinking. It's a nice culinary salute to 2015. It's was an interesting year, flavorful and tasty in so many ways.

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