Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve Treats

This will be a short entry tonight, it being Christmas Eve. This is the night for treats. If you're Southern Italian, you will be starting to feast on the thirteen fish, each representing Jesus and the Twelve Apostles. If you;re Northern Italian. French , or even  Cajun, you're getting ready to pop the champagne for  the Reveillion and have something sweet to celebrate the Lord's birth. If you're German , you're enjoying gingerbread  and Springele cookies as you're opening presents and setting up the Christmas tree.

Most importantly you are eating good food with family or friends, now a luxury in most parts of the world. Say a prayer for those who do not have the treat of lobster or wine or even cookies.Just trying to get milk for their children is a battle. Be lucky yours have enough to set out a glass for Santa tonight. Also thank whatever deity you worship that your little ones have nutritious food such as veggies and meat, pasta and fruit for their meal tonight and for the rest of their childhoods.

It is a night to celebrate our Lord's Birth .It is also one to count your blessings of abundance - a true gift .

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