Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Home Chef's Resolutions

These are the days for resolutions. Home chefs should have a few of their own. Like life itself, foods, and nutritional needs are constantly changing. No one can stagnate. It's the most dangerous thing to do, especially when it comes to health needs. Change is good, especially in the kitchen.

One of the most often heard New Year's resolutions is eating healthy. In order to do so, you have to shop and cook healthy too. This requires a slight overhaul in a home chef's shopping habits. Any snacker can tell you the exact aisles for soda and snacks. If you're this type, look to memorize where the good for you ingredients are. Be more familiar with your store's produce section. Nowadays, they're so big,it's like having a farmer's market at your fingertips. Try the more exotic veggies every now and then. Buy those tomatillos or breadfruit. The web has a ton of recipes for them so you won't be so at sea when you bring them home. Another idea is bringing home the veggies that are the least liked and cooking them in a more appetizing way. Kids hate Brussels sprouts? Then seduce them with a platter of sprout chips, crispy baked Brussels sprout leaves that have a sprinkling of olive oil and sea salt. Make more Mexican or Italian food. These are the most healthiest and also the most tastiest. Tacos can be made low cal by adding grilled fish or chicken along with fresh sliced tomatoes and lettuce.Nix the sour cream and just add homemade salsa and guacamole. Quesadillas can be made  with soy cheese and low calorie sour cream . Pasta is always a favorite. Use soy crumbles instead of beef for a better, heart healthy version.Also try whole wheat pasta and different types two to three times a week .

Another resolution is expanding your kitchen and knowledge. Look at your appliances, especially the smaller ones and see if they;re up to snuff. If not, take advantage of the January white sales to pick up a replacement. 2016 may also be the year you may want to expand your kitchen or get new cabinets. Meet with a remodeling rep now because it will probably be around early spring when the remodeling happens. Also be prepared for this, Look at different magazines and websites, talk to family and friends who have had their cooking areas redone  along with researching contractors and checking out their backgrounds.This is the year to expand cooking knowledge too. There is a whole wide world of cuisines out there , just waiting to be discovered. Now is the time to go globe trotting culinary style. Buy cookbooks, go to restaurants , take cooking classes. Doing all this is a great way of expanding your knowledge. Another resolution accept mistakes and failures. Cooking new dishes  will take an infinite number of times.It will not be perfect on the first time. It could be but , prepare for  some failure. Also try new methods . Buy a sous vide or a mandolin. It'll open up your repertoire with a few more recipes.A sous vide will give your tender meat dishes the family will love and the mandolin can help in creating extra crispy home made potato chips or perfectly formed slices for scalloped potatoes. it;s also the year to finally buy that pasta or ice cream maker too, or a different kind of grill for the ultimate barbecue.

Yes, these are the days for resolutions, Make ones that will make you and your family feel better  and expand your culinary knowledge. Make this new year  a year of growth!

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