Friday, November 6, 2015

The Big Acme Takeover

If you're living in the New York City metro area you may have noticed two things.One there are no more A&Ps and two, they've been replaced by Acmes. For those who loved the Great Atlantic and Pacific tea Company, this is devastating . Generations of New Yorkers and New Jerseyians, especially have shopped at the A&P. Now what? Will those loyal shoppers be disappointed with the change? Can the A& P come back?
The answer to the last question is no. The company went bankrupt and 100 stores up and down the Atlantic Seaboard closed overnight. Maryland workers were especially hard hit with 1,500 workers axed.There were problems with unions and wage freezes. In the end no one won. Most of the Northern and Central New Jersey ones shut down, without any notice . Fans will miss the high quality meats along with the variety of national and local products. The store was famous for their delicious roasters  with sides  along with their barbecue basted be ef ribs and fried chicken. Sadly though , my local one was not good at hiring, and they often employed the dregs of society.Shoppers were met with laziness and sarcasm which was a turn off. I headed over to Stop & Shop for not only a wide variety of foods and freshly cooked meals but for the warm, caring attitudes of their workers.I avoided the A&P at all costs, driving the extra mile to get better customer care.

Luckily Acme came in and with better pricing and better customer care. The store itself goes back to 1891 to two good friends, Samuel Robinson and Robert Crawford  deciding to start a local grocery in south Philadelphia.It's now owned by AB Acquisitions LLC however it has kept that homey neighborhood feel. I like my town's Acme. There prices are so good, shoppers' don't need  to whip out those annoying club cards  to get  discounts. The store has plenty of buy one, get one free specials and they have all the national brands.Unfortunately, they have few generic products. These are mostly household and baby goods such as dryer sheets and shampoo. Their baked goods are better than any bakery's, especially their baguettes and cookies..Acme's roast chicken was excellent, moist meat under a flavorful skin. I also liked their steakhouse potato salad, with its 'shreds of cheddar and steak bits.Best of all I like their workers' attitudes. No snottiness. No sarcasm. Just patient cashiers who are willing to go the extra mile , especially for one shopper who left her wallet at home (my bad).

There is always some sadness when a beloved store closes. There are memories of getting ready for big birthday and holiday feasts, of planning barbecues and tail gate parties. Yet  a new store comes with the gift  of making new memories and trying delicious foods. Long live Acme!

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