Friday, November 13, 2015

Plot , Plan, Practice

It's time to plot and plan now that Thanksgiving is a little over a week away. It's also time to test out and practice dishes, tweaking them for ultimate flavor. Doing this will ensure a tasty, and troublefree dinner with very few glitches. There's nothing like a trial run. It does pay off with compliments and smiles in the end.

One of the first things to do is survey what you have and what you need to get. If you 're planning on baking , stock up on sugar and flour. Check your canned goods too. You may not need to go out and get a slew because you have already have extra. Also test out appliances. Mixers may be a bit rusty after a few months of non use. Toaster ovens may need a cleaning to get rid of a crumb build up. The next item of prepping is making lists. The first should be focused on what you need. It's not just the bird, but extra gravy(incase yours doesn't work out) seasonings, and canned goods. You can get the veggies and fruits two days or the day before. Thanksgiving cooking has many paths. Do you go the way of homemade stuffing or do you buy a couple of loaves and let them go stale. Is the family craving creamed onions or do they want to try a squash soufflĂ©? Get everyone's opinions along with their likes and dislikes . Have the kids go with you to the supermarket and let them pick out what they want, providing its' pertaining to the holiday.The second list should be about who's bringing what. You don't want three servings of baked beans and no apple pie. Assign dishes that suit your guests levels of expertise.Don;t give the cakes or tarts to the novice bakers when they can only handle salads or Brussels sprouts.

Another must do is practice. If you want have a trial run dinner with a smaller turkey. If you want to make a citrus glazed bird do so during the rehearsal. It may not come out as you wanted - and at least you 've got it out  of your system. It was made, it bombed, move on to the traditional roast turkey. If you'v never made a pecan pie before, now is the time to make it . If there's a new dish you want to try , then make it for dinner one night this week. Ask the family what they think of it.Is it too salty? Too spicy? Does it need to be tweaked = or worse axed from the line up. Bone up on using gadgets too, especially those serious ones like the mandolin or hasp. Handling them the wrong way can result in injuries from scraped knuckles to a seriously cut finger.Learn how to do things properly so there's no accidents or trips to the ER on the big day.

Plot, plan practice. These three words will ensure a better and easier Thanksgiving.It'll be a memorable and perfect one.

For everyone in Paris - and in France. stay strong-liberte, egalitie et fraternitie.

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