Thursday, November 12, 2015

Diwali Treats And Sweets

Right now is the joyous and mystical Indian holiday of Diwalli.It's a time of lights and fireworks , gifts and decorations. It's a time of celebrating light over darkness. It's also a time of feasting on traditional foods and treats. There are many to make over the holiday's five day period.

Diwali is an ancient holiday dating back to the first millennium where the goddess Lakshmi is celebrated along with the bierthday of Dhanvantari, god of health and healing. The festival goes for five days with relationships of all sorts being celebrated. There are lights and fireworks, along with rangoli, colorful patterns made on the ground using, colored rice, wheat or flower petals. as with any holiday there is a variety of different dishes and sweets to celebrate.There is the spicy and saucy butter chicken which involves cooking chicken in a highly spiced tomato almond sauce.Samosas are also popular, especially with holiday guests These are similar to dim sum dumplings and filled with moong dal, a kind of green pea. Since most Indian s are vegan due to their religion such as the Jains and Hindus, many Diwali dishes are meatless. Families and friends can enjoy palak saag paneer, tofus in a rich spinach and curry has the traditional spices such as garam masala but also maple syrup for a hint of sweetness and coconut milk. It does have chili powder for heat, perfect for warding off the Northern Hemisphere's autumnal chill. Wives may make a roasted cauliflower with  a mahkala sauce, a rich mĂ©lange of onions ,tomatoes and coconut milk. It is served with warmed naan bread,

Sweets are one of the most important traditions of the five day celebration. Special ones are made for husbands and wives along with brothers and sisters. Visitors are always treated to trays of homemade goodiestoo along with special presents..One of the most popular is rasgulla, cheese curd or paneer balls cooked in a sugar syrup. It is also the most traditional and is usually served for the length of the festival.There is also the fried paal vadai, a fried sweetened dal or bean paste.It is then soaked in a jiggery sugar and cardamom syrup. Families may enjoy a fried  naan bread pudding dish called ka meeta that's studded with raisins and almonds or cashews.A delicious dish is papaya burfi, a kind of papaya meets applesauce, which is a perfect sweet after the main dishes' spiciness.. Kids probably munch on sugayan, a kind of fried stuffed dough nut filled with green moong dal and jiggery sugar. Trays of  kaju katli, a buttery cashew paste that's a kind of halvah and cut into decorative diamond shapes (these could actually be made for Christmas too, ) are put out for all to enjoy. Coffee and tea are also put out to sip while enjoying a visit or meal.

Diwali is a true festival of food and fun. The flavors run from fiery to sweet., but all are enjoyable. They are as fun as sparkling as the celebrations themselves.

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