Monday, November 23, 2015

Amy's Fast Food- The Healthy Mickey D's

Many people, especially parents , have been protesting about the ill effects of fast foods. Let's face it a greasy burger plus fires is not exactly a good lunch or even dinner. Yet  we all crave it from time to  time. Luckily health food giant Amy's has begun it's first relatively healthy fast food stand. Now foodies can have their burger and fries - without any guilt.

Vegans and vegetarians , along with conscientious eaters, already know Amy's ,a brand started in 1987 by Rachel and Andy Berliner with the birth of their daughter , Amy. Rachel Berliner came from a family that was growing their own food and eating organic as early as the 1950's. She wanted to give other mothers the chance to feed healthy food to their families hence the company. Their first frozen dinner was a broccoli pot pie in 1987. It was also the first of many all natural frozen dinners made without any genetically modified foods.There are no meats, poultry, eggs or dairy. Most are made with tofu  along with veggies and spices. The company literally has every meal covered , from breakfast with tofu scrambles and toaster tarts to dessert with coconut milk ice cream. They have a variety of veggie burgers from bistro to quarter pounders so it's an easy leap to fast food.Amy's also sells other fun foods such as pizza and burritos.

These fun foods translate well in their new fast food menu. Amy's Drive Thru is also going to have fries made from locally grown potatoes along with both non dairy and dairy shakes. Baked mac and broccoli are also on the menu. There's going to be salad and chili too. What probably won't be on their menu - those huge soda's and sweet teas. Amy's Drive Thru is not all that clean, as both Berliners will attest, there will be salt and fried food. However there will be no added sugars or preservatives. The food will be fresh. The potatoes are coming from a farm near the first location in Rohnert Park California, a farming community fifty miles north of San Francisco. The concept is nothing new there. Loco'l, a kind of all natural Shake Shack has been serving fresh organic no hormones added burgers and chicken nuggets. Hopefully Amy's will go nationwide, but this may be hard for those cities located a ways from farmland growing the necessary ingredients. It may be a wise move to set up their own farms. as they did with their frozen and microwave products.

Amy's Drive Thru is a breakthrough in many ways. Hopefully it will be seen in all fifty states , dispensing good food and fun food to people craving healthy meals and snacks. They're creating a movement that cannot be stopped.

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