Friday, November 20, 2015

A Drunk Turkey And Other Ideas

What goes well with a holiday meal? A holiday drink. Any wine, cocktail or punch can highlight all types of food, from a roast to a cookie. It's just knowing what to serve and what pairs well with it. This creates a nice harmony  where one accents the other.

Many will wonder what will go with next week's holiday meal. After all, a true Thanksgiving dinner has a mélange of flavors , from the unami of the gravy, the saltiness of the meat and stuffing to the sweetness of the yams and cranberries. Since turkey is fowl , it's best to stick with a white wine, preferably sparkling. The German Reisling is about your best goes well with any flavor, sweet salty and even spicy.It is a very fruity wine with notes of apple and apricot which makes it the perfect companion for a sweet potato casserole along with a crisp turkey leg.Another  German white is Gerwurtztraminer, a lively white that has a slight spiciness to it.  Sauvignon Blanc,a crisp citrusy wine, that has strong herbaceous and cut grass a good one to pair with  any spicy dish, especially a strong herb based dressing.It is also a great wine for party food too.Serve it with artichokes dip or even bruschetta at a Christmas or New Year's get together.Red wines can also be served at the Thanksgiving table.Pinot Noir is about the best one because its' fruitiness and earthy, fungi tones shows off the bird and the different sides..

Thanksgiving is the official start of the holiday season. It's when mixed drinks and boozy punches reign supreme. You can liven up the holiday dinners and get togethers afterwards with an apple cider cocktail. This is a mix of  rum, apple cider and cinnamon schnapps  with a apple kabob garnish., apple cubes skewered on a  swizzle stick.It would also be a fun sip at any tree decorating party too. A mulled cider is a nice way to finish any holiday meal.A warm cup of it is a dessert , after a heavy feast and best of all it's non-alcoholic. It's just simmering the liquid with allspice, cloves and cinnamon. A thinly sliced orange is also added to cut the spiciness and cut through the heaviness.For pure elegance serve a cranberry Kir Royale. This is a bit labor intensive but worth it for the sleek flavor. It's first cooking down frozen cranberries along with orange juice and zest with is then strained and cooled. The thick syrup is then spooned into the bottom of champagne flutes and any kind of champagne is poured over this for a layered effect.Cranberries can be added for decoration. For real fun , think about an apple pie sangria , a kind of punch made with Pearl Apple Pie vodka, cider and pear nectar. Ginger ale is added for bubble and fizz.It's a great party drink too, perfect with roast pork or a nice roasted ham.

Yes, this is the season for food and wine. It's part of the holiday feasting to pair holiday dishes with holiday drinks. The two set each other off perfectly.enhancing its' other flavors and notes.

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