Saturday, October 3, 2015

Weekend Mishmash

Saturdays- and even Sundays can be lazy days. You don't feel like going to the grocery store, you don't feeling like ordering out. Don't worry. There's probably enough to create a tasty meal just by using a mishmash of ingredients.

First of all assess what you have before getting an idea of what you want to make. It helps to have the ingredients in front of you for inspiration. It's a good time to clean out the freezer and work with that. If you have frozen burgers or dogs, then use them. Add dabs of whatever cheese you  have around to give them some flair. Those tomato sauces you made with your July harvest would work perfectly with any pasta in the pantry. You can also use it along with any frozen and fresh veggies to make a homey and hearty soup. Leftover chicken and ham can be ground into pastes similar to the Underwood products . Add olive oil to make it smoother ad more spreadable.. You can also coarsely chop any leftover meat , add mayo and spices and voila a nice filling for a sandwich. Finely chop them or any leftover from the week cold cut for a chef salad. Leftover mashed potatoes can be turned into yummy fried puffs.Just add one egg, breadcrumbs and some parsley for flavoring and low fry in a frying pan. These can be served on their own or as a side.

Even left over breads can be repurposed into delicious dishes. Bread can be turned into a savory or sweet bread pudding. Zuppa montagna , that favorite Piedmontese fall and winter dish can be made with any leftover stale slice. Layer with Swiss or Fontina cheese. Those slices and hunks can also be turned into a sweet version too. Personally I like using leftover French bread for this dessert.It provides a chewiness and texture that regular bread doesn't have. Add any raisins or chocolate chips for added dash or you can make your own caramel sauce  for true decadence.Those cake mixes collecting dust in the pantry can be turned into  fun desserts. Instead of making an old fashioned buttercream, use Cool Whip instead for icing for a lighter cake. Utilize those rolls of cookie dough you bought on sale for sweet pizzas. Bake a giant cookie, ice with  whipped cream or canned frosting and then top with coconut, chocolate morsels and marshmallows. If you have pound cake and chocolate then think chocolate fondue for a fun weekend dessert.

any kitchen has the ingredients to make a tasty meal and dessert. assess what you have. Be creative with that mishmash. Then cook - or bake.

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