Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fall Celebrations

Autumn is a wonderful time for all sorts of celebration and feasting. It's one of the most beautiful times to get married or engaged. Parties can have an elegant yet rustic menu, featuring the best of the season.. The foods can be farm fresh  taken from local providers to be  spun into a delicious feast.

Even if you're planning on a fall wedding for next year, take into consideration the harvest the season can bring. Many caterers are following the farm to table movement so their choices for you will have interesting dishes. Instead of the usual catered fare like lasagna or chicken with rice it will be  butternut squash soup, Savoy cabbage wraps and possibly a venison or pheasant main dish.A wedding cake may be a take on an apple one, redolent with cinnamon instead of the much used chocolate or vanilla.There could even be mini pear tartlets too, featuring another fruit of the season.As for toasting, think an apple wine - and yes it is a real drink. Celebrants could go for apple champagne, however it has to be made at home using the right fermenting ingredients. A somewhat safer choice is the French hard cider which has a champagne like sparkle and bubble. Make sure there is the non alcoholic kind for teetotalers and kids.Have pear and apple cocktails and mocktails too.

A celebration can also be done at home. Plan accordingly to suit the number of guests. Turkey or ham is a good choice for a big at home gathering. A German style roast pork is another excellent idea.If it's a smaller get together think possibly game fowl such as quail or pheasant.Sides for both types of parties could feature wild rice stuffed squash or a wild rice casserole. Cabbage season is getting into gear and it can be turned into a variety of different dishes from hors d'oeuvres to hot salads. Try it as pes coi, the Piedmontese polenta stuffed rolls or simply shredded and sautéed in butter. If opting for the pork roast , try an apple onion saute to accompany it.This can be made in large quantities for a crowd and can be made in a crockpot . Dessert can be as simple as apple and pear galettes or rustic apple pies. Want something a bit more elegant? Apple cake with cream cheese icing, topped with a spun sugar dome or crown. This can also translate into cupcakes too.

A fall wedding or engagement is a magical affair. Create wonderful dishes featuring the harvests of the season for it. They'll make celebrating either one even better.

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