Saturday, September 5, 2015

Getting Ready For Tailgate Season

It's the start of the football season here in the States and with it the start of the tailgate season!Whether it's your first or your fiftieth , it's a good time to get some gear to make parking lot cuisine easier to make and tastier to eat. There are so many different gadgets and cook stoves to choose from along with mini coolers and plates ,Start the season with the right stuff.

One of the most important items to have is the cook stove or grill.For true luxury there is the Go Galley Portable Kitchen. This is the Rolls Royce of carry along kitchens.It comes complete with four gas burners along with a sunken side burner and a gas smoker.It's an investment at $1700 however you can go in with four or five people  and cut the costs. This kitchen will be able to fry a whole turkey as well as cook up three dozen burgers and a slew of ribs. You may want to think of a smaller one, namely the Party King Grills Swing N Smoke MVP. it can also double your patio grill as well. A better , and easier to haul one is the Weber Portable Charcoal Grill.It's only twelve inches and can fit in any trunk. it's perfect for dogs and burgers and smaller racks of ribs. Hibachis are another great tail gating cooker.Try the cast iron Sportsman Grill Hibachi by Lodge Manufacturing. It's only one hundred bucks  and a good investment.There are also various smokers  you can buy too as well as Brazilian grills that allow you to  evenly roast skewers of beef and chicken.

Another important item is the cooler. A wheeled cooler is about the best . It can be toted anywhere and then discreetly pushed to the side when you're done with it. It needs to be able to store all the raw ingredients like the meats and condiments as well as drinks. The best size for this is the one that can hold eighty quarts. Coleman makes this  and it is also sturdy enough to last for a few tailgate seasons. Another idea is a mini fridge that can be plugged into your car's cigarette lighter for activation. Some even come with a pocket to hold favorite CDs. One of the cheapest is the trash can coolers which is a foldable barrel. You can store meats in them  but not for a long time, since the ice will melt. They are perfect for keeping beer and soda chilled. You could go with a cool radio cooler with Ipod port but this is just  and only for drinks . Another one  is a cross between a scooter with a fridge for a seat.It's a grand but it's great if you have to deliver food and beer to friends across the parking lot. As for how to eat your grub, go get the GOPlate. This is a plastic disc that has four large compartments that hold hot and cold food. There is a hole in the middle for  bottles and cups too  in the middle.they're only 9.99 for a set of ten and definitely worth it.

Get geared up for tailgating season with the right cooking and storing gear.It'll make for an easy, trouble free cookout  as you cheer for your favorite team. It'll make for a fun season  of burgers and beer.

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