Friday, September 18, 2015

Generate Your Own Energy Bars

Busy school days and activity filled weekends demand energy bars.These help both big and little kids manage hunger and boost flagging spirits. There is one problem with the store bought ones , Wayyyy too much sugar What can you do? Make them yourself!

Many home bakers  shy way from baking energy bars. In some way they're really no different than bar cookies.It could be the ingredients that may freak out bakers - namely the  oatmeal used. Done wrong and those bars will turn out to be very healthy cookies. However homemade energy bars are no different to make than  cakes. Some even require just some microwaving a  set in the fridge What is so great about them? There are no extra sugars or  cringe inducing fruits your kids may  hate. There's also not the threat of life threatening allergens or being made  near themYou're the creator , you know  what will go in them. Energy bars can be tailored to suit tastes and allergies. Also home bakers can control the amount of sugar being put in them. Home dried fruit can be added as opposed to the kind that coated in sugar crystals. Carob can be added instead of chocolate or dark chocolate can be used instead of the bad for you milk variety.

What does go into a homemade energy bar? Start with a base.It's usually rolled oats.These give bars their chewiness.You can also use high fiber cereal as well. I would add flaxseeds for extra benefits - these are packed with antioxidants and are easily to blend into the recipe. Chopped medjool dates can also be used because they are dense and sticky perfect for creating a base.Next comes the nuts. Peanuts are good, most kids like them. Better choices would be almonds which are great for building strong teeth and bones along with aiding in good heart health and walnuts which aid in digestion and lower cholesterol. The biggest question is what type of sweetener to use. The one not to use is refined white sugar. Most energy bar recipes usually require  honey, brown sugar or agave syrup. If you're going to use honey use the dark kind. It has much more antioxidants and more nutrition than the light kind. As for fruit, use fresh  such chopped apples and pears . Dried fruit is excellent but I'd recommend using ones you've dried at home. Some of the recipes do call for eggs which are used for binding everything together..

Homemade energy bars are not only good for you, they're also tasty.Make them for great boosters for the family during this busy season. They'll give them a much needed lift along with a burst of flavor.

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