Monday, September 21, 2015

Fall Fruit's Savory Side

Fall is here  and with it comes bushels of apples and pears. Many home bakers will be excited by this  as they make everything from pies to tarts to crumbles. Yet both fruits have a savory side. They can easily be incorporated into mail dishes , adding a certain tart sweetness and complexity to meats and veggies.

As any German will tell you having apples in the main meal is crucial. Apple sauce goes hand in hand with our potato pancakes and cuts their occasional greasiness. Cut up apples figure prominently in red cabbage, in fact they the ingredient that gives the salad its' signature tartness.An apple chutney  or whole  apples is usually served with roast pork .The last is cooked with the meat and the fruit picks up the pork's rich flavor while the meat absorbs the apples aroma and juices. Any kind of apple , from Granny Smith to Fuji are excellent in slaws. Mix shredded apples with cabbage , along with carrots and scallions for a crunchy sharp slaw,perfect with any tailgating barbecue. Another idea is a Waldorf salad, a yummy mix of chopped apples, grapes chicken, celery and walnuts. This is an excellent dish for a Sunday brunch, especially when served with a sparkly French cider. Apple chutney is a great side to both pork and beef .It's easy to make, cooking it , usually for thirty minutes, is the most labor intensive. It's a mix of the fruit,blended with onions, spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg.

Pears are also in abundance right now. Most home chefs and home bakers usually use them in buttery rich tart.  However pears, whether they be Anjou or Bosc can be perfect in main dishes as well. Of course there is pear salad.One version includes spinach for a healthy kick and bacon whose saltiness is the perfect marriage  of savory  and sweet. Assiago cheese can be sprinkled over it for more tang. Pear chutney is another good recipe.Pair it with ginger for a fiery bite that would be a great go with for ribs or even a roast beef.Try Bosc pears in a garlicky one that would work with roasted or even barbecued  chicken .An unusual fall party dish is a savory pear tart made with creamy feta and sage. Just slices of this paired with a sparkly white wine like Prosecco makes for elegant eating. Anything blue cheese and pear is wonderful together  as is cheddar and pear surprisingly. You can make a tasty and flavorful grilled cheese  with them for a fun and unusual lunch.

This season, don't look at just apples and pears for only baking. They can be incorporated in a wonderful variety of savory dishes, from grilled cheese to chutney . Try them this way for a new twist on fall fruit.

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