Friday, September 25, 2015

Any Weekend Party

Fall brings about weekend get togethers and gatherings. They could be the college student  bringing home their dorm mate for the first time, gatherings of any team or a tween sleepover with  new friends. It could also be a time to catch up with friends after a summer away.The other day Melissa Clark, a weekly contributor to the New York Times gave us easy recipes with the generic title of any. Make this true of your gathering.Any party with any party food will work.

One of the easiest any party foods that work for all of the above gatherings are hamburgers,Everyone loves a good beef, turkey or veggie burger. Take advantage of the warm weather to grill outdoors over a wood fire. Have simple or any fixings such as lettuce , sliced tomatoes and onions. Squeeze bottles of ketchup and mayo should be on the ready . Make any mayo based salad or slaw . Try a macaroni one zested up with minced red green and yellow peppers along with minced celery. Vary it with some hot dogs or veggie dogs and finish with toasted marshmallows or s'mores. For the new roommate or even new boy or girlfriend, think any roast with potatoes  and a green veggie. It could be London broil sharing a plate with mashed potatoes and broccoli salad, It could be a roast capon with scalloped ones  along with a bright mix of peas and carrots. Have a crisp salad on the side and crusty rolls too. This easy combo makes for a lovely dinner party with friends also. Add  candles and wine and you're set for an elegant fuss free dinner..

Any dessert works too. An old fashioned layer cake with a buttercream frosting is perfect and is always a crowd pleaser. Use a mix if you're pressed for time or scratch recipe if you're not. If you want something a little fancier, then put small truffles or raspberries (which are in season right now) on the cake's top. Any pound cake is also good and is simple to make at home. Since apples are in season right now, you could finish off with a homemade pie, with a side of cheddar or vanilla ice cream. If you're hosting a team party or sleepover then have any home made cookie.Chocolate chip is a big fave and they can be made from slice and bakes or by scratch. A fun cookie for a tween pajama party?  Sugar cookies! Leave them plain for the kids to decorate at a decoration bar with colored icings , M&M's, raisins and dragees.Dinner parties can end with any ice cream drizzled with liquor. Pair coffee with Kahlua, chocolate with peppermint Schnappes and vanilla with rum.For the kids set up a sundae bar with any sundae toppings from syrups to nuts to whipped cream to fruits.

Any party food can work for a weekend party . Pick out any recipe that fits your plans and go with it. It's a simple no fuss approach to fall entertaining.

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