Monday, September 7, 2015

A Labor Free Labor Day

Enjoy this day  free from work but also remember the people who make it possible for you to eat. Think of the farmers and their workers, those who have to toil in the hot sun so you can have fresh salad or juice.Keep  in keen consideration every worker at your grocery store. It is boring and tedious to stock shelves and taking inventories. Think of those who stand on the on their feet all day  baking those yummy cakes or slicing those drool worthy cold cuts that you love so much.

Remember those who serve you at restaurants, diners  and fast food joints. They have the hardest jobs, taking your orders , cooking dozens of  dishes and broiling tons of hamburgers. They do the work of ten people and get paid very little for it . Not only tip them generously but generously praise them as well. They more than deserve it.

Enjoy this day , relaxing on the beach or at the barbecue, but also remember those who in the food industry that make your life easier.

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