Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Simply Vietnamese Cooking SImply Delicious

Vietnamese cooking is a delightful mix of meat and vegetables , Asian and French flavors and sweet and savory. It is a cuisine not to be missed.Luckily there is a new cookbook that brings the best of this interesting country'srecipes right to your kitchen.

Food writer and chef Nancie McDermott wrote a phenomenal cookbook that will appeal to both experienced and novice home chefs alike, Her Simply Vietnamese Cooking (Robert Rose Press) is an excellent guide for those wanting to cook Vietnamese cuisine. Chef McDermott became an expert on cooking it when she lived there for three years during a Peace Corps stint. She also has travelled extensively throughout Asia and has written several cookbooks with four focusing on Asian cooking. What is so great about the book is that she takes the mystery out of Vietnamese cooking. along with providing helpful tips and interesting stories on both dishes and drinks.  She includes a whole page  centering menus  on meat or vegan dishes , northern Vietnamese or southern, a fun beach party one  centered on seafood along with a menu for cooking cool and light on hot , steamy days - like now.There's also suggestions for a  Vietnamese tailgate party and even a campfire cookbook. Chef McDermott includes a glossary of ingredients with emphasis on Vietnamese herbs use. These are vital in creating the exact flavors for several dishes.The photos showing the dishes are amazing, and mouth watering.

Vietnamese cooking is an interesting mix of different flavors and various ingredients.Fish sauce, made from anchovies, is a vital ingredient in many dishes. It gives meat and veggies dishes an earthy saltiness and rich caramel brown color. Viet Nam is a tropical country so coconut figures heavily in many savory and sweet dishes.One of my must make  recipes is Chef McDermott's coconut ribbons , a  crunchy sweet usually made for the holidays,,There are tasty recipes for the Vietnamese classic pho, noodle soup as well on another favorite  salads. The  people are big on beautiful  lush bowls of mixed greens, full of vibrant herbs and there are recipes  featuring these. They could be used as palate cleansers when  serving other dishes such as sizzling savory pancakes or pho noodles with chicken. Both dishes are redolent with a mélange of sweet and salty flavors that dizzy the palate. Since Vietnam was also a French colony at one time, there are Gallic influences  in pate chaud a meat filled puff pastry, crème caramel and Vietnamese coffee, a take on café au lait.

Simply Vietnamese Cooking is a great cookbook for those who love Vietnamese cuisine  or those who want to experiment with Asian cooking. Chef McDermott gives a varied cookbook , full of delicious savory and sweet dishes. Buy it today and experience the deliciousness of South Asian foods.

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