Saturday, August 1, 2015

If You're Tired Of Barbecue

We're into our fourth month of barbecuing and by now even the most stalwart grill lover is looking for a change.It's time to head back to the kitchen for some easy meat recipes.They're a snap to make ,especially in these steamy times.Not only that, they 're even better tasting than those dogs and burgers.

Ratatouille is usually just a veggie dish however meat can be added for more flavor and impact. Try it with cut up chicken breasts or Italian sausage. It's a tasty spin on the Provencale classic.Chicken breasts can also be done in a light garlicky- white wine saute. Use medallions when making this and serve with angel hair pasta or rice. Another idea is a quick stir fry. Punch it up with sliced ginger along with sliced zucchini , onions and green peppers. All of these recipes are good for leftovers too, so you've taken care of two nights. If the family is still craving burgers, then make chicken burgers. These are easy to make  as you can easy give them a quick fry in the frying pan.Serve with breaded zucchini sticks and tomato salad for a festive, colorful dinner. You can also make turkey burgers, which are,frankly, better cooked in a pan than on a grill. They're juicier cooked indoors and you can get that full turkey flavor too.

If you're still craving beef , then think pan fried steaks. These are a  snap to make and  simple but filing meal if served with salad. You can even cut it up and mix in the greens too. Fileto Piedmontese is also a no brainer  . This is cooking steak  in a variation of bagna cauda,, the Piedmontese anchovy dip. Make the sauce  first, it's a simple sautéed blend of anchovy filets melted down in a combo of butter and olive oil. Add a small minced clove of garlic and when it 's all melted, stir,  add the meat and cook until done. Serve on toasted bread slices (and have plenty of extra bread too for sopping up the sauce later).For those craving the taste of chopped meat, why not make sloppy joes or fajitas.Both are simple enough to make thanks to the sauce packets and fajita kits.Both are a refreshing change from the over grilled patties we're beginning to tire of this season.Another idea - is steak tartare, the exact opposite of any barbecued. This is mix of raw minced beef tenderloin and one raw egg mixed together with salt  and pepper along with a splash of brandy and Worcester sauce.  It 's served like a pate on rye bread but it can also be served on a toasted baguette too.

Kitchen cooked meat dishes are a refreshing change from the usual grilled fare. Try any of these recipes for an escape into good stove top cooking . It's a nice change up and doesn't require all that much work.

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