Friday, August 21, 2015

Camping Cuisine

Camping is one of those fun summer trips that unites you with Mother Nature. It's sleeping under the stars,  swimming and splashing in streams and dining al fresco. Nothing beats the last and it's amazing what can be cooked at a campsite. You can have fun creating some tasty dishes over a campfire.

Before you embark, write out a plan of what you're going to eat. Also anticipate any monkey wrenches thrown in your path. If one of your fellow campers comes back with clams or a freshly caught fish , be prepared with the appropriate knives for shucking and deboning . A Swiss army knife wouldn't go amiss so make sure you bring one. Bring a spatula  and a wooden spoon for stirring and mixing. Pack  a cast iron skillet which can be used  for everything from frying and baking to cooking pancakes. Buy a cooking grate which looks like the top of a cheap barbecue grill. It's great for cooking steaks and burgers along with veggies and toasting bread. You can also buy a cook stove, basically a burner with a base that's usually fuelled by propane. These can be easily had at any store , from L.L. Bean to Sears.If you go with a campfire , know when it's ready to use. Build one an hour before cooking so the fire burns down and there are no big flames.The coals should be hot enough now to cook a full meal on the fire.

One of the best ideas for camping cuisine is eating local. Many camp sites are located near farms and some near oceans and lakes. Take advantage of this. Buy fresh veggies and fruit. Take advantage of local dairies for milk, cream , butter and even eggs. If you're camping near the beach, then buy local seafood. Nothing beats boiled fresh lobster with  a tin of dairy fresh melted butter. Think dehydrated foods too. Companies like Alpine Aire and Mountain House sell  these and they have a wide range of different dishes, from granola for breakfast to beef Stroganoff and chicken chili for lunch and dinner. You can bring a cooler too for steaks and burgers but make sure it's always cold and you have plenty of ice or get ice for it.Bring dried spices along .These are light to pack and can zing up your meats and  veggies.Of course make sure you have the ingredients for that campfire .classic, s'mores. Keep the chocolate in the cooler until you're ready to use it.

Eating al fresco is the best. There's nothing like cooking and eating under the stars.It's one of the perks of camping!

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