Monday, July 27, 2015

Meals On The Road

This is the season for travel- and with that means eating on the road . The question is what is better for you? Do you bring favorites with you? Or nosh in one of those rest stops?. There are plusses and minuses to both that benefit you and your family.

Not many travelers actually eat breakfast on the road.They usually have it at home, with favorite cereals and dishes. However there is the chance of having a very early start and that means eating on the road So , what do you do? If you have kids, then bring those cereal cups and those square boxes of milk like Parmelat.Both are easy to pack and  the little ones will enjoy their particular faves. Another idea is making toast sandwiches with butter and jam or croissants stuffed with jelly.For a healthier spin buy breakfast bars but read their ingredients before you buy them. Many are loaded with refined white sugar along with chocolate and even crumbled cookies. Go for the all natural, sweetened with honey or molasses.  Some vacationers like  hitting the  local diner before hitting the highway.You can get a heartier fare like French toast and sausages without leaving a mess in the kitchen. What about those roadside stands ? Drive on if it's a greasy spoon and just find a grocery to buy rolls and fruit. Some supermarkets  like Stop & Shop and smaller privately owned marts  have cafes where you can get coffee and tea too.

Lunch and supper are another matter. You've probably been traveling three or four hours when lunchtime rolls around. Everyone need some kind of break after sitting so long.  A multi restaurant rest stop like what  New Jersey has on our Parkway and Turnpike is salways the best choice. There's usually a food court featuring fast food chains however be judicious. Try to get the healthiest dishes such as salad or even spaghetti. Keep kids away from the ultra fried or  ultra  sweet. This is also a good time to stock up on  water  and unsweetened drinks like tea.Yelp is   going to be a big help when you veer off the main arteries. Look at reviews of local restaurants and diners and pick out the most suitable for your family and their needs.Another idea is gong to the local grocery store for cold cuts, rolls and drinks along with fresh fruit . This makes a nice, light dinner. It's also a good way to get the lay of the land, especially if you're renting a house in the area.You'll know in advance where to pick up groceries or get a slice of pizza.If you're still starveling by  supper time, then stop at destination's local mart for not only food but essentials like toilet  paper, dish and laundry soaps.

Travel means eating on the road.Try to eat decent balanced meals that are both taste and good for you.It makes for a comfortable trip that leaves everyone happy but not hungry!

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