Saturday, May 30, 2015

Foodie Shower Surprises

Shower season is upon us and with it the same boring lists. There’s the blender, the ice cream maker, the towels, and so on and snoring so on. It’s time to liven up those gifts with over the top extras.Not only will the happy food obsessed couple remember them but your gifts will be talked about for years to come.
Of course couples want basics. That’s obvious.They need tea towels and tablecloths, napkins ad napkin rings. If you can add an extra touch by ordering the prestamped table linens from such companies as Mary Maxim’s or Herrschner’s for exquisite napkins and tablecloths. Mind you these should be ordered well in advance, especially the tablecloths, because it can take four to five months to embroider. For something a little less labor intensive Mary Maxim offers cotton yarn that can be knitted or crocheted into dishrags and towels. The color selection is amazing with about twenty colors to choose from along with free patterns. They also offer dishcloths that can be decorated with plastic paints that don’t wash off or run when wet. Another idea is creating napkin rings using Mary Maxim’s beads and jewelry wires. This makes a unique gift , along with embroidered dinner napkins.Home made ceramic plates , platters and dishes are also unusual and different shower presents. Think a hand painted cheese platter with a cheese of the month club membership attached. A hand decorated cake stand is perfect  especially when it comes with a hand written book of family dessert recipes. Barbecue lovers will adore personalized steak brands with their initials. Pair it with some interesting barbecue sauces and rubs from Hi Mountain.
For the true foodie couple think a basket of high quality condiments, spices and /or ingredients. For those who love cooking Asian, then think a basket of San-J sauces. These are pure soy , developed from an ancient Chinese/Japanese recipe. They can work with everything from stir fries to acting as a dipping sauce for tempura and teriyaki. Exotic spices like za’atar and saffron are sometimes costly and out of reach on a newlywed’s budget. Treat the couple to them along with ingredients  related to them  like rice or couscous along with cookbooks featuring recipes with them.Costly utensils like chef’s knives are always welcomed , especially if you can include a sharpening stone. Don’t fret about it being hard to find.Most stones  can be found at even Bed Bath & Beyond and Williams & Sonoma. Mandolines, so often neglected on lists, but provide perfectly sliced potatoes and zucchini would be a different but much appreciated gift.The price range varies but you can find a surprisingly inexpensive one at Williams & Sonoma for under forty dollars. To give it an extra kick ,include the practical but never given sack of potatoes.Bakers can enjoy the extra surprise of sanded sugar in different colors along with edible gold and silver glitter with baking tins or cookie sheets. Also really good chocolate for baking will never be turned down. This too can be added in a gift pyramid featuring all things cake and cookie.

Shower gifts can be made exciting by adding that something extra. Give your favorite couple something , fun and expensive, exotic and pretty. Make your gift not only much appreciated but also memorable too.

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