Friday, September 19, 2014

The Hot And Cold Of Fall Picnics

We maybe heading towards fall but we can still enjoy a picnic.The best part? It can be cold or hot or a combo of both.You can enjoy sandwiches and hot soup or finish off a hearty sandwich with a dessert of hot cocoa.It's the best of both worlds. A cold food picnic is easy to create - in the summer.What about those crisp autumn days.A cold ham sandwich isn't going to cut it.Make it hearty.Buy a loaf of unsliced bread and cut thick slices of it. Use a hearty whole grain or whole wheat.Try ham, with tangy mustard or a low fat cheddar.( also for the ham , buy a low salt kind).Picnickers can even add apple or pear slices for some zing.Another idea is roasting or buying an already roasted chicken or even turkey breast and bring it on your outing.Whip up a tarragon mayo as a dip for it or to slather on bread.If you don't care about cholesterol and fat, then think fried chicken ,You can bring cornbread or biscuits along with honey butter.As for salads, take advantage of the late season tomatoes .Cut them into wedges and drizzle olive oil along with shredded basil over them.Another tasty green side is a broccoli salad.You can also take advantage of apple season with salad made of different kinnds of them ,from Fuji to Granny Smith ,along with Romaine lettuce and walnuts.As for dessert stick to the simple with shortbread or homemade oatmeal raisin cookies. Again your picnic could also end with sliced apples an pears dipped into honey sweetened Greek yogurt. Thanks to portable grills and burners you can also have a hot picnic as well.The easiest to bring is a portable hibachi .This allows you to make hot dogs and hamburgers as well as grilled chicken for your fall picnic.Nothing beats a hot sandwich.To keep that early autumn chill at bay bring along sauces made from sriracha and chili.You can even add cayenne pepper to just plain ketchup for some kick.A portable grill is a plus.Coleman makes one that is easy to tote and even easier to heat up.Think about open air pan inis or even croque monsieur made with slices of leftover ham and Emmental cheese.These are hearty and hot, perfect for warming up chilly picnickers.Portable burners are also perfect, especially for warming up soup.Bring mugs along and slices of buttered bread to end it? Another idea is outdoor fondu.or even Welsh rarebit.Melt strong cheddar and dip slices of French and Italian bread into along with slices of apples and pears.End the meal with hot cocoa or hot coffee.You can also relax, swaddled in blankets ,enjoying a hot smoothing herbal tea. the fall season is here, with beautiful scenery and crisp weather.Take advantage of it with a hot or cold picnic.It's a great way of enjoying the weather and a meal alfresco.

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