Monday, September 1, 2014

The Foods Of Labor

Today being Labor Day, it's time to devote some of our thoughts to those who put food in our stores and on our restaurant tables.So many workers put in long hours and get nothing, including no benefits out of It. Their toil saves us a variety of chores involved in providing and even cooking foods. The next time you eat your veggies or even fruits, think of the pickers who provided you with them.Most are migrant workers whose quality of life is still the same as when John Steinbeck depicted them in the 1930"s classic The Grapes of Wrath." For as long as you can try buying from your local farmer's market or family farms.These should treat their workers a bit more decently than the big brands?Another group that's constantly abused are the restaurant workers from servers to cooks.All have to work long hours ,standing in front of hot stoves and hot pots.Waitstaff has to deal with everything from whiny, food throwing tots to rude, unappreciative customers.Make it up to them by being nice,and complimentary.Give them a little more when tipping.Make their work day as pleasant as pleasant as you would for your fellow coworker. Labor Day is a time when America honors its workers.The ones who work the hardest are mostly in the food trade.Honor them and the backbreaking work that they do.They are the ones that feed you.

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