Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday Meals In A Snap

Fall Saturdays are the busiest days.There's the last of the summer garden to clear out or soccer games to go to.A day could be spent antiquing or repairing the house.Then comes dinner and everyone wants a hot or at least hearty meal.It's easy to get take out, yet you want something more for yourself and your family.The quickest idea - meals in a snap. One of the best ways to stock up for Saturday is food shop that morning or buy this and that during the week.One of the easiest dinners is a barbecue.The temps will still be mild, in fact, pleasurable.You can fire up the grill and make simple hamburgers and hot dogs.These are also good to make when the kids bring home friends or new college room mates.Whip up a potato salad as well as a three bean one the night before and voilĂ - you have your sides.Also homemade heroes are another fun choice.Get a variety of cold cuts ,fillers such as peppers and tomatoes along with different condiments so that everyone can have their preferennces.If you have the grill out, then you may want to bring the dinner up a notch.Nothing beats the taste of open air cooked pork or lamb chops.Again serve these with a salad, a more exotic kind of couscous mixed with different spices and golden raisins.Toss in some almonds for crunch.Roasted veggies are always good too and surprisingly filling.Try eggplant, tomatoes and onions .Serve with flavored rice Dessert could be honey covered roasted apples, pears or late season peaches.Serve with ice cream or caramel sauce. One of the best inventions for Sarurday night suppers is the crockpot,Make the meal in the morning and have it hot and ready by the time everyone is home and hungry.Try a spicy chili to satisfy those hungry appetites.You can make beef, tofu or turkey one, and also vary the beans you put in it.Again have fun with spooking it.Nothing beats a dish with heat. Especially on cool early autumn evening.Serve with ready made cornbread or even biscuits. Nothing beats a nice hot stew.Start with chicken or beef,add carrots and onions and top with homemade dumplings.If there are leftovers( I would be doubtful about those), save for the week, when cooking dinner is hectic.A crochet cam also be good for making Swedish meatballs, a treat for everyone.One of the easiest Saturday suppers to create is pasta.If you don't have time to make a sauce, use a pre made one or toss the hot spaghetti with a mix of sliced tomatoes, garlic ,olive oil and oragano.The pasta's heat will cook the other in to a kind of primavera sauce.You can also fry pasta, such as ravioli and serve with already heated already made sauce.Another hot and quick idea is the open faced sandwich with gravy.Buy already sliced London broil or turkey from your deli counter, arrange on kaiser rolls and ladle on pre made gravy .Serve with a simple tossed salad for a satisfying meal.Finish with store bought pound cake or just apples and caramel. Saturday is the busiest day of the fall season.If means having a limited amount of times to cook a hearty and hot meal.It can be done - in a snap. the rsult- a dinner that is tasty and satisfying.

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