Monday, September 22, 2014

Eatt Like A Caveman

Can eating like our ancestors be good for us?Can we survive on the same grub that our distant Neanderthal Cousins chowed down on.Many think so and are thriving on the new Paleo diet and lifestyle.It is a healthier way to eat and to even live by.The question is can we give up all that good stuff that was invented between then and now. The Paleo Diet is one of the hottest diets out today.It's name come from Paleolithic as in the Paleolithic Era.this was the prehistory era of hunter- gatherers,with tools of crude axes to hack meat into manageable pieces as well as arrows and fire.The Paleo Diet consists of shellfish, meat poultry, eggs along with veggies, fruit ,roots and berries.No grains are allowed as are any nut or legume.It does encourage eating more veggies and fruits, always a good ng.There are no sugar and salts as well.Yet the Paleo Diet does have flaws.There are absolutely no grains which provide much needed fiber as well too much meat and eggs.Dairy is off the list and again this can be troublesome on so many levels.We need milk for calcium as well as for it playing an important part in weight loss.Critics also point out that the meat and fish eaten are not the same as our ancestors ate.It was not killed in the wild. The closest approximation is buying everything free range to avoid additives ,chemicals and hormones.The same can apply to the produce too.Modern day hunter gatherers have to buy all organic or grow it themselves.Another minus or plus is that you can eat when you like, and eat as little or as many different foods.This works for a single person, but not for a family. What are some of the dishes on the Paleo Diet?you can start your day with a bowl of berries, namely blueberries and raspberries jazzed up with plums and soaked almonds.The almonds get creamy overnight soaked in water so it's got this nice cream feeling.Cloves and raw coca give it zing.You can make pancakes on this diet ,thanks to using almond flour.This last luckily doesn't a bag of nuts and your food processors.You can buy small sacks of Bobs Red Mill Almond Flour at your local grocery or Amazon.Here's a question, can you serve them wiTh maple syrup because it is technically sap.You can also have eggs in olive oil as another starter.Lunch can be a salad.Add any roasted meat from pork to chicken to beef.Salad dressing can be used because it's just olive oil mixed with well fermented grapes or apples (vinegar).Spices are allowed so flavoring can be everything from cracked pepper to oregano.If you want a sweet dressing then add strawberries or blueberries.Dinner can be a stew made of meats and vegetables or roasted meat with different veggie sides.You can try a free tangle salmon flavored with lemon and thyme and a side of steamed broccoli. Another idea is an herbed roast chicken with baked potato planks. Snacks can be carrots sticks with red pepper infused olive oil.You can also try celery sticks too.One of the hardest plates to replace is dessert.After all cavemen did not binge on ice cream or bliss out on Oreos. You can make flan using eggs and coconut milk.Sweeten and flavor with lemon and honey.There are even grain free brownies that combine dates, walnuts and cocoa powder.You can also use plantains as a binder for another brownie treat. Ice cream can also be created using almond milk, fruit purees and honey. The Paleo diet may start out as a fad but it can easily grow into a lifestyle.It's eliminating modern , processed food and getting down to the prehistoric basics.It's a start in the right direction even if it is a step backwards.

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