Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ninety Acres Of Good Eating

It’s not the scenery,although breathtaking, that stands out at Peapack,New Jersey’s Ninety Acres Restaurant. It’s the innovative way of cooking thanks to a brilliant young chef. David Felton, that makes this eatery truly outstanding. Foodie Pantry received the privelege of sitting down with Chef Felton and discussing his philosophy.

For anyone, whether a professional chef or a home chef, just looking at Ninety Acres farms is a dream come true. A large variety of vegetables and herbs grow on rolling hills, just outside the kitchen and restaurant. There is no need to deal with dubious suppliers or questionable produce and meats/.The time of year dictates what the kitchen will create . “Seasonal main dishes right now feature corn,tomatoes ,Chinese cabbages, while dessert ones will feature fresh strawberries.There is no breakout dish or highlight dish of the season.” explained Chef Felton. However working with the farm to table philosophy can present some problems he added. Spring can give too many green or unripe vegetables. Summer gives an overabundance of tomatoes while fall brings about too many pumpkins and squashes. With winters come braises and a smaller list of ingredients to use. Yet he encourages home chefs to attempt their own version of Ninety Acres/.They can turn their yards into gardens as well as visiting their local farmer’s markets. This is a great way of eating healthier , eschewing chemical laden prepared foods.

Ninety Acres is a foodie’s dream, not only because of Chef David Felton’s vision and talent but because of the farm to table menu. His creations are not only delicious but also fresh from the garden. Eating at Ninety Acres is a true culinary experience.

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