Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Return Of The Sandwich

It seems a classic is returning to lunch boxes and menus across the land.What is it? The basic sandwich.It could be that people are tired of all those salads or are just sick of wraps.The stuff of a good midday meal has returned and with a tasty vengeance. The marriage of filling and bread ,originated with the Earl o Sandwich who asked for two roast beef slices between bread slices during a gambling spree.From then on it's graced tables, making a quick and easy lunch.Unfortunately i has been vilified in previous years because. It was deemed not nutritious because of the cold cuts used along with the condiments.?However.Nothing beats a well made sandwich whether hot or cold.Thanks to chains like Jake's WayBack and Red Robin, hot sandwiches are coming back.These are not just burger joints.They do have fun burgers that have slices of , rich cheddar,avocado and tomato on them, along with flavored mayo and apple wood smoked bacon.If you do want a fat free sandwich ,then nix the bacon and cheese.A grilled chicken sandwich is another good choice and again both places can customize it to suit your needs. Even homemade sandwiches are becoming on trend again.Thanks to Boar's Head, sandwich lovers and foodie's can create a really good sandwich.The company has low sodium versions of some of their most popular meats.This is perfect for ham lovers who just won't give up a good old fashioned ham on rye.Italian cold cuts are the best for heroes.If you're worried about the nitrates, then just treat yourself to a homemade everything hero once or twice amont.Another idea is sticking with one kind of meat like mortadella or sopressata and layering sliced tomatoes and arugula on it.Add low sodium cheeses too if you want.If you still want a hearty sandwich but love the sandwich ,then think about soy meat.Granted, they're not as flavorful as the real thing but they can sub in nicely,for ham, turkey and roast beef.You can also just have a.simple tomato sandwich.Toast the bread ,slather on the mayo and add thickly sliced vine ripe tomatoes. The sandwich is back.Celebrate with a burger from a chain or one you made yourself.Savor it, enjoy the meshing of a good filling with a tasty bread , bun or roll.Welcome this old friend back into your life.

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