Friday, March 21, 2014

The Incredible Shrinking Treats

It looks like our favorite foods are shrinking.More and more snacks and treats are becoming bite sized, and easy to bring with us everywhere.Is this a good thing or a bad?It depends on the product. Miniatures are nothing New.There were Chiklets, those dust mote sized pieces of fruit flavored gum along with the tiny snaps from Pepperidge Farms.Smaller versions are back now with a vengeance and it includes foods you normally wouldn't think of as miniature.Pop Tarts have come out with a tiny version.These come ten to a bag and are stamp sized.They're too teeny to be toasted so you can eat them cold(not always a good choice when it comes to Pop Tarts). Entemann's has come out with a smaller version of their classic fudge doughnuts which sadly can make it a cinch to finish the whole box.Even ice cream brands like Blue Bunny are also selling nibble size treats.There are also smaller versions of some of the Nabisco crackers such as Wheat Thins too. It is fun to have this bite sized yummies every now and then however think about munching some of nature's own mini' to enjoy.For a great snack ,think grape tomatoes. Add a sprinkle of sea salt and they makes a nice treat for anywhere, from the office to the beach.Another mini are the cuties.These are tasty Clementine oranges that are packed with nutrients .Freeze these for a respite from ice ream and ices when the hot weather comes.Another healthy minis the classic Saltine(although not naturally made, made with healthy ingredients )many have shrunken in size but they are big on the healthy ways to be served.You can add peanut butter to them for a nice school snack or even add grape halves or peach slices for fun bites while you watch TV. Miniature anything are fun to eat.However don't go too wild with the smaller versions of junk foodEat the more healthier mini fruits and veggies .Vary the two types for quick bites and fun snack times.

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