Thursday, March 13, 2014

In The Agrihood

Everyone has his or her idea of the perfect neighborhood.Most prefer a quiet block while other ps want easy access to stores.Many people are getting a kind of combination of that in the agrihood.This is a new concept based on an old idea with families in one area relying on a farm for food.It's a great idea and the ideal location for families. this new food and housing trend was covered in yesterday's New York Times Dining section.Kate Murphy wrote the piece after visiting one such community in Gilbert Arizona.The neighborhood is called Agritopia.Thanks to the real estate bust of 2008 halted construction however developers turned in another and very new direction: developing farm focused tracts.There was a need for them.After all people were discovering eating farm to table was healthier and what better way than having a sustainable farm within walking distance.The neighborhood boasts not only fresh produce ,meats ,eggs and even honey but also a restaurant that uses the raw ingredients.Residents pay $100 a month for their supplies of just harvested eggs, honey and produce.Other agrihoods are now in such diverse locations as Idaho to Vermont.There are only five in existence in the US now but six more are being built. Life in Agritopia is blissful.The homes are one story with big front porches and close proximity to the sidewalk.This encourages neighbors to chat and enables a sense of community.As for diets, families have come to appreciate fresh ingredients .Kids growing up here will more or less be imbued with a taste for the natural instead of fast or microwaved foods.The Phoenix agrihood has 160 acres with veggies from artichokes to zucchini along with fruit trees such as nectarines Apples, peaches and dates, that even include olive trees?There is livestock ,with chickens and sheep for fresh egg and meat.The farm is separated from the community by grapevines and blackberry brambles.Everything is sold from a centrally located farm stand where the restaurant also is located.It runs on the honor although there is that fee. Everyone craves the perfect life.An agrihood can give that,along with good food and healthy ingredients.It's a step towards living in a true utopia.

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