Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bakery Mashups

There's a new phenomenon amongst New York City bakers there days.It's basically a mashbup of two kinds of baked goods.Since Dominique Ansel created the cronut last year. Bakers are vying to create the next biggest sensation.It's like coming out with the newest version of the IPhone.Create some new treat that will put the baker on the culinary map New York Times Dining regular, Julia Moskin ,went on a trek to find all these new hybrids throughout the US,Bakers are getting really creative.The hottest new mix is the cragel, a combo of a bagel wind a croissant.This is coming from San Francisco, from the House of Bagels.Co owner Jenny Puentes is using the flaky buttery dough and first boiling and them baking it.This may be a big seller, especially when paired with different fillings.However some such as the scronut(which actually sounds like a part of the body)is a scone and a donut,topped with a big dollop of icing. The frosting alone may be a turn off.Some pairings work ,some don't .Some bakers do it, not because they truly want to introduce a new treat to the world but because they want to make a ton of money. Luckily most of the new hybrids Ms. Moskin wrote about , and hopefully sampled sound like they have legs.Frog Hollow Farm out of Northern California has given us the scuffin.This is a logical blend of scones and muffins with a dollop of fruit in the middle.This could easily work and it could be a brunch must have in the upcoming years.Macarons, that on point treat right now, is also getting hitched with marshmallows to create a Mallomac, ,a Mallomar with a Gallic twist.Imagine the cookie's bottom ,as a macaron and then topped with homemade fluff .It is then dipped in chocolate..One of the most decadent is just blending two types of the same product.This time, chocolate and almond croissants.The famed chef and baker,Jacques Torres combines rich dark chocolate with almond paste to create what sounds like sheer heaven.For a more down home blend pie and milk are blended together to create a pie shake.More mixes are out there, some involving birthday cakes along with eclairs and ice cream bars. More and more hybrids will probably be born,with their creators trying to earn a fast buck .Some will work and go onto be successful.Some blends may have to go back to the drawing board.It takes time and creativity to give the world a new treat.

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