Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Lesser Type Of Truffle

Truffle lovers should rejoice.There is a lesser form of the fungi,called the Burgundy Is it as good as the ones found inPiedmontese"s foothills? that depends on how they're made and who you talk to. New York Times Dining contributor,Elaine Sciolino explored them in today"s Letter From Paris.She interviewed Didier Chabert ,the man behind this fungi.According to him the Burgundy truffle is just as flavorful and rich as what you"d find in Northern Italy. in looks there is resemblance.Both have the same pebbly black color along with the same range of sizes from golfball to baseball.As it matures, however the Burgundy's flesh turns black just like that of the black truffle. It is also one fourth the cost? The low price makes it affordable,good for truffle lovers and especially restaurants.Even French home chefs can take advantage of this cheaper version, yet many do not. Why won't the French take to this Economy model? Two reasons, the aroma and the taste.Truffles have a mix of different scents, from soil ,garlic and sweat.They can also smell like onions , hazelnuts and even pheromones.The Burgundy has a sweeter aroma, and less pungent.It also loses it's" taste in cooking.The best way to eat them is freshly harvested and raw, according to Monsieur Chabert.It may just need a little fleur du sel to bring out the flavor.Yet they are better than what the Chinese are importing to France.The newly imported to France Asian variety have been chemically treated and leave a burning sensation in the stomach for two days afterwards. What is the best truffle.The original from Piedmomte! Yet if you can't afford it then go for the Burgundy version.Is a lesser form of luxury.

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