Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Cupcake ATM

There's a new trend that New Yorkers are just gobbling up- the ATM that spits out cupcakes.It's a new twist on a kind of old concept, the vending machine.The difference is that the goods are freshly baked and have a constant demand. The store selling them is Sprinkles.It's mostly a California based coany with branches in LA and La Jolla.It expanded to sweets loving Manhattan where it's now a staple.It sells all sorts of flavors,and even has flavors of the month.Sprinkles also serves cookies and ice-cream although there's no talk of having an ice cream dispenser alongside the cupcake one.Cupcake lovers pay a whopping $4.25 for each cake(to be honest, there are over sized so you do get your money's worth)as they select their favorite Sprinkles offers such diverse types as banana and cinnamon sugar along with the usual, chocolate, vanilla and red velvet.There are even unsweetened ones for dogs, costing the same amount as the human treats. If this catches on, then there maybe more " food" ATMs.Imagine a pizza one that can give us piping hot slices along with whole pies to go.This could work for city branches of any fast food joint.Instead of waiting on line, you just press buttons on a menu,drop in your money or slide your credit card and voilĂ  a burger, soda and fries.It could also work for delis too, alleviating those long lunch lines.The ATM concept would be great for ice cream parlors, especially for those wanting pre made sundaes and dishes.People could just go up and get a homemade bar or Eskimo sandwich.It's surprising that Starbucks hasn't run with this idea.It would make ordering a latte or chai tea much easier in big cities and malls. Despite the idea's cuteness,Sprinkles does have a good idea. Having food ATms outside the stores reduce long lines and increases profits.It also boosts a product's popularity and gives it new fans.

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