Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hot And Herbal Natural Teas

November practically screams for a good hot cup of tea. This is when the weather gets nippy and we greet both mornings and evenings with frost on the ground and a bite in the air. What better than to start or finish the day with a healthy mug of herbal tea? It's  soothing and comforting , the liquid version of a security blanket.

Herbal teas have been around for millennia. The ancient Egyptians first came up with a flavorful tisane called kerkades. This was hibiscus sepal brew that's still made today in some countries. The Jamaicans still make this but add ginger , sugar and rum, usually for the Christmas holidays. The Chinese were and still are the masters of herbal tea brewing.They use it for medicinal reasons,but you can just use it to just melt away  the day's cares .Most home brewers use  a mix of herbs and fruit. Other just rely on already made teas from such companies as Celestial Seasonings. These are good  and have a wide variety of flavors, from chamomile to peppermint. However you have a wider range with a home made herbal brew.

If you want to go truly natural, then try blending your own . Home brewers stick with the tried and true such as ginger and chamomile. Fresh  made ginger tea is not only good for waking up in the morning,it's a great drink for  after a full meal. Take a fresh ginger root and either cut the knobs  into small chunks or thin slices.Put these in your  mug and pour boiling water over the pieces  letting it steep for a few minutes, Chamomile is just as easy , Dry the flowers and put about two teaspoons into a cup or mug. Steep for a minute or two. You can also make citrus based teas too, using either lemon, orange or lime peels mixed with your favorite green or black tea. For any herbal tea, don't add refined sugar. Dark or wildflower honey is your best and healthiest sweetener.

Herbal tea is the nice  accompaniment either on a chilly morning or during a frosty night. Brew up a cup and enjoy its' all natural flavor. It's not only soothing but good for you too.

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