Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Replacement Time

Let's face it. Appliances sometimes have a short life. Any kitchen one is considered ancient if it lasts more than fifteen years. When to replace? That depends on you and what you've bought. Refrigerators and stoves can be with you for decades. When they start smelling funny ,as when a fridge does, then it s time to look at new ones. if a part of your stove doesn't work, then start looking at new ones.Keep in mind though ,if it's under five years old, you will still have it's warranty. Even a ten heard old appliance can be fixed, especially if It's a minor part. dishwashers should be replaced every fifteen years, especially if you used them twice a day every day. What about those other gadgets that make our lives easier? Microwaves take a daily beating. We use them constantly , for almost everything.Sadly enough they 're only good for ten years and Should be replaced then.Toaster ovens are a different affair. the older ones can last for decades while the newer ones fizzle out after only two years. It depends on what brand you buy and the warranty. most should last five to ten years .If it's not heating properly or burning toast then replace it.Blenders can last twenty-five years. Good to know if you're thinking of getting one for a shower, wedding or anniversary gift. Appliances really never last forever. They do need to be replaced no matter what the brand or the quality. if you have it too long, think about replacing it.

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