Saturday, August 4, 2012

Too Hot To Eat

This is the e time of year when temps spike and the air is thick with humidity.It's also the time when our appetites decrease because of the excessive heat. We become everything from lethargic to just plain lazy.It's even a chore to eat yet we have to . The question is how do we stimulate a lagging appetite?

Always remember summer eating is light eating.Don't beat yourself up because you;re not eating thee square meals a day. Sometimes just a bowl of cold cereal along with a cup of coffee or tea makes the perfect breakfast as opposed to the  whole works, full of bacon toast and eggs. Even a piece of fruit such as a plum or a nectarine can kick off the day. These also make good snacks too because they're easy to carry around and easy to eat A bowl of mixed fruit is not only tempting but it can provide you with the required antioxidants and vitamins along with minerals.

Lunch and dinner can be tricky.Lunch is especially hard because it's during the hottest time of the day. Sometimes you don't feel like eating anything, preferring to snack. Don't fall  into this. Go for a salad along with an iced tea.You can make one yourself or buy a tasty one form any place even the fast food joints. Fill it with grilled chicken for protein along with a variety of veggies. Keep the portion small. Dinner can be just a s light with a miso soup. If you're up to it, try making an airy tempura of fresh veggies and your favorite meats. .It's a fun and crunchy way of teasing the appetite. Even finger sandwiches can be made for a summer dinner. They're these small delicate bites of various fillings on thin bread slices.

Summer weather can decrease the appetite yet don't let it. Eat light, eat healthy. You can survive the scorching temps and horrible humidity by having lighter than air meals

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