Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tons Of Tomatoes

August is the times for tomatoes. Nothing says summer more than a ripe red beauty bursting with juice and flavor. Not only are these good on their own with a sprinkle of sea salt, they amazing in a variety of recipes. Any kind from cherry to beefsteak is  the best ingredient in any summer meal!

Lush tomatoes were the subject of an article written by the Dining section's regular Melissa Clark in today's New York Times food section. She has many good recipes for what has turned out to be a bumper crop for Summer 2012. Thanks to perfect weather situations, from good temps to no flooding, these delicious gems are in abundance. You can have them anyway from the traditional pasta sauces to tasty salads.What's even better is that there are so many different kinds out there now  from the small  plump cherry to the hearty  beefsteaks.

Ms. Clark goes for the usual route with them  - salad - but with a twist. She offers up a Caesar salad full of cherry tomatoes. This also includes a nice mix of garlic  , anchovies and Parmesan along with romaine lettuce. It;s a wonderful blend of brininess from the anchovies to the tomatoes sugary sweetness. She also has a fig and tomato salad, with a sprinkling of blue cheese. It's an interesting combo, perfect for a summer barbecue. The best recipe, though, is her bread salad,. This is a favorite
,that she makes with country bread(I would use Italian and French though for more chewiness and flavor) She a;so adds Spanish sausage for crunch and a spice along with a Spanish onion. This would make just a nice dinner by itself.

It 's the season of tomatoes. Use them anyway you want. However they're heavenly in a good salad, where their flavor can shine!

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