Monday, August 6, 2012

Simple Summer Cooking

No one likes to be slaving over a hot burner or dealing with cooking an entire meal during these hot days. Yet there's nothing like a home cooked meal no matter what the temperature is. What to do?. Just simplify your winter dishes.

Everyone loves a roasted chicken. It's a nice meal to come home to, especially if it;s surrounded by all the trimmings. You can roast the bird on a grill, using the beer can method or buying a specially designed stand for it. Add instant mashed potatoes and jarred gravy that can be easily heated up. For greens go for a sauteed broccoli rabe or spinach.Pot roast is another dish than can be simplified for summer.It can be roasted on the grill, and even spiced up with barbecue sauce. The cut can also be slow cooked in a crockpot too. Serve it with barbecued or easy baked potatoes and again a jarred or instant gravy.

There's nothing like a hot pasta to come home to. Pasta itself is easy to make,simply boil water add salt and toss in whatever kind you want. It's the sauce that's always labor intensive. However you can also simplify this by melting butter over the pasta and having it con burro style. Just sprinkle Parmesan and parsley to finish it.. Another easy sauce is alia e olio, a simple mix of olive oil and garlic. If you want it spicy  then add a dash  of hot pepper flakes over it before serving, You could also saute the above greens such as broccoli rabe or spinach for a quick and very healthy sauce.

There's not hing like a hot meal even when the temps are swiftly ascending. it can still be if you just simplify the cooking technique.It's easy fixing but hearty eating.\

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