Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Easing Into Good Eating

Summer is widning down and with it some bad eating habits. Let's face it, all of us are guilty of either over indulging on goodies or just eating fast foods because we were too lazy to cook in hot weather. However with cooler weather comes better eating habits.With fall and schools comes nutrition.

Even though summer does provide us with a bounty of good , nutritious fruit and vegetables, we have a tendnecy to eat junk. Let's face it who can resist Boardwalk cotton candy and candy apples along with deep fried pickles and Oreos. We love drive in fare and drive through meals.A transition can be made even during a late August vacation. Pack fun fruits that are great nibbles . Think cherries and blueberries. Some blackberry bushes are still producing . Arrange a berry picking outing and then make a tasty dessert using them and honey.If the weather is still boiling and you;re all craving ice cream, think ice instead. It's less calorie and non dairy which means it's healthier for you

 You can start reforming meal time now as well. Try bringing salads instead of the usual fried fare when you're at the beach or on trips. Make them just as fun as a burger or dog by adding garbanzo beans, olives and/or croutons. Also try having a lunch of just crudites and a fun low cal dip such as ranch or a simple vinaigrette. Dinner can be just as healthy. Chop up egg plants, tomatoes and onions for a healthy and tasty ratatouille. Serve with toasted pita instead of the usual French or Italian bread. Consider a simple grilling of chicken with lemon and olive oil or rubbed with healthy spices such as turmeric. Even just a plain steak with a baked potato is a light meal if you don;t add sauce to the steak and a ton of butter and sour cream to the potato.Finish with fresh fruit or a berry parfait made with Cool Whip.

Easing into a healthier diet for the fall is easy. It just means getting away from those fun but bad for your foods and returning to good foods. It doesn't take much but a sublte change every day.

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