Saturday, August 18, 2012

Creating The Perfect Party

How many of us have attended parties where the food was lousy and the drinks barely potable? If yes is the answer consider it a learning experience.It can show you how to throw a perfect one with delicious food and yummy drinks. learn from other people's mistakes. Also take into some advice as well.

Party food should be diverse. I've attended everything from showers to birthday bashes where eating choices were limited. Vary the menu. If you're serving sandwiches, try to have a wide range of meat and cheese fillings. Also take into consideration there many be vegans or vegetarians at your table. Have  something to suit their tastes.Also don't think serving just one salad with these is going to cut it. Try different salads  and not just the usual tossed, macaroni or potato. Look on the Internet or in your cookbook for new recipes to add a fresh spin. Also consider having bowls of fresh veggies along with dips. These make a fun and exciting sides.

Another must do is having a table of both hot and cold dishes. This makes the party  or gathering much more interesting. Yes ,you still can have three bean salad along with wraps but add something hot like ratatouille or sliders for an interesting twist. Many people love to bring casseroles. Nix this by suggesting moussaka or a baked mac made with three cheeses. A hot pasta dish may be too much yet a lasagna  would be perfect at any party. It's not only hot , but can be made interesting by switching the ingredients. Sub in chicken or turkey for the usual beef and maybe try a creamy bechamel sauce  instead of the typical tomato one.

A good party should have good food. Remember that wen you start planning your get together. Don;t fall into a rut and serve boring grub. Liven up your menu means livening up your do.

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