Saturday, August 11, 2012

Charley's Cheesesteaks

Mall food is just that  - mall food. It's usually a slice of pizza or a burger which are not that filling. Enter Charley's Cheese steaks - a tasty and filling alternative to all that food cour drek. Having a satisfying hot sandwich is the perfect antidote to those post shopping hunger pangs.

Thanks to a misguided turn into Philadelphia Pennsylvania, the founder and creator , Charley (no last name supplied) tried the city's most famous food the cheese steak and fell instantly in love. he took it back to his native Columbus Ohio and started a sub shack on OSU's campus.It was a success and franchising soon followed.Now Charley's cheesecake is all over the world.offering all sorts of variations on the great sandwich, including chicken and breakfast versions with bacon and eggs..Charley's is also known for its' homemade lemonade and ice teas too .

I tried it for the first time last night and enjoyed the veggie lover's one.This is sans cheese steak but loaded with three kinds of cheese ranging from Swiss to provolone. Every sandwich, with meat or not has  quick grilled onions.It was savory and filling with added peppers and mushrooms. Two people can share a sandwich , thanks to its' generous size.I would love to try the original which has steak , onions and provolone cheese..There is also one with bacon added along with bleu cheese. I had their cup of fries. These were tasty and super crunchy.

Head to Charley's Cheese steaks for a tasty alternative to mall food. There's nothing as satisfying as a sub chick full of steak  , onion and cheese. It's a great pick me up after a day of heavy duty shopping.

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