Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Building A Better Cheese

There's a big experiment going on right now.It's trying to keep cheese tasty while subtracting calories. Can it be done? Can our grilled cheese  and cheese burgers be a combo of healthy and yummy? Scientists ate working on this.

The dilemma was the subject of an article in today's New York Times Science Times. The  article, written by Henry Fountain, delves into creating a better slice . The problem is sacrifice what makes cheese delicious, namely salt and fat will take away the rich  buttery flavor and moist texture. Fat gives the cheese not only its' flavor but also its' moisture. Without it it basically feels like you're enjoying an eraser. Salt , which enhances the cheese's flavor also controls moisture and bacterial activity.

The problem in creating a healthier fromage is creating one that is something the general public will literally eat up. A lot of cheese makers balk at the idea of making a cheddar or Swiss dietetic because it means no sales and a lousy tasting slice. Some are experimenting with low fat Camenberts and low salt Roquefort. The key is the process itself.  Cornell  University professor David M.Balbano is developing steps where the cheese is put through a centrifuge and the fats are spun out.This results in shreds that are then put back together in block form. The taste is pretty much the same as a regular cheese without all the calories

Can there be a tasty and healthy cheese . Scientists are working on it. In the meantime, enjoy the rich buttery taste of your favorite  - just eat less. of it

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