Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Good Marinade

This is the height of grilling season. Every cut of meat from steaks to burgers are going to be cooked over an open flame. Unfortunately most outdoor cooking can leave any meat dried out and flavorless. If that's the case then use a good homemade marinade.It will make it juicy and chock full of flavor.

This was the topic of Melissa Clarke's A Good Appetite Column in yesterday's New York Times Dining. She offers up a tasty blend of sweet and sour perfect for any kind of cut , but aimed at the flank. Usually this cut is dense and often dries out .It needs a good marinade to turn it into a memorable and delicious cut of beef.,Ms. Clark also offers hints on marinating, telling readers to marinate as long as possible to ensure a softer ,buttery texture.The best period of time is overnight.The meat will not be tough and chewy  otherwise,

The marinade itself is a  tasty blend of sweet, salty and hot.She adds chopped jalapenos and ginger for heat along with sriracha ,a Thai condiment made of garlic and chimi paste. Sweetness comes with light brown sugar blended  For  more flavor use garlic and scallions. Lime juice is thrown in for  color and zest. You can vary this if you want. Nix the jalapenos or ginger if you don't want the marinade too fiery or cut down on the scallions for less  bite. For more sweetness, add orange juice instead of lime and think about ginger crystals  as well.

A marinade can make even the dullest flank steak amazing. All it takes is a variety of different tastes and a good overnight bath. It leaves your grill with a tasty dish that;s good hot or cold.

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