Monday, August 20, 2012

A Good German Brown Bread

The Germans are known for their passion for baking. They make the decadently luscious Black Forest cake along with melt in your mouth cookies and pretzels. They should be commended on their breads which come in a variety of whole grains and standard white. These are pure heaven whether eaten with butter or with cold cuts like liverwurst.

I recently had the chance to enjoy a well baked German loaf of brown bread at the famed annual Volkfest in North Bergen , New Jersey.  The Old German Bakery of nearby Hoboken set up a booth and their wares were irresistible.Not only did I get a bag  full of tasty home made pretzels but also an unusual triangular dark bread . It was from Germany  and full of wholesome grains. Dark breads are a German tradition and there are several kinds. The best known is pumpernickel however there are also dark ryes that are good with any Teutomic cold cuts. The bakery is owned by a couple from the country and their goods and also ingredients are flown in from Germnay.

My bread was superb. I sliced it in thin slices and slathered the first pieces with butter..The mix of sweet butter with the salty, malty  graininess was just inspiring. After trying it I instantly decided that this would be the perfect base for any German cold cuts. I bought Boars Head liverwurst and with the dark bread - an excellent pairing. Dark bread bring out the rich flavor of deli meats. The liverwurst actually tasted sweeteand it was even creamy next to the slice;s rough texture.I would have loved to have tried it with that deli rarity - teawurst. Tomorrow it may grace bologna or ham along with a slathering of mustard.

Nothing beats a good loaf of German brown bread. Every slice is a wonderful mix of healthy and tasty. It can go with just ordinary butter or a delicious slice of German cold cuts.

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