Friday, August 24, 2012

A Cooling Gazpacho

There ' s nothing like a cooling gazpacho during these dog days of August. It ' s refreshing change from sandwiches and anything grilled.Even better is you can make it any time of the day without working up a sweat.It's great to make right now with fresh tomatoes. The recipe was the subject of Wednesday's City Kitchen column in the New York Times Dining section.David Tanis gives us a good recipe for all those lush vine ripened tomatoes gracing gardens and farmers markets right now.This gazpacho is a rich mélange of those ruby red tomatoes along with garlic and sherry added for nip.It also has cayenne for more bite.ALl the seeds and skins should be removed for a smoother texture and it should be refrigerated for fifteen minutes before serving. The piece de resistance ,though is the topping, a yummy mix of diced bell peppers,Vidalia onions and avocado on a garlic rubbed slice of ciambatta or Italian bread. The veggies are diced into a relish and then with the avocado layered on the slices.It's sort of like the bread topping bouillabaisse .If you want to switch it up some ,nix the bread and relish and just put a scoop of either cream fraiche or even sour cream. If both of these are too much, then just have with simple toasted French bread that's been dipped in olive oil. Gazpacho is an excellent dish on a hot August day.It's different as well as cooling.make it with some vine ripened tomatoes today for a summer lunch or dinner treat.

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