Monday, July 30, 2012

Vacation Eating On A Budget

Vacations usually mean  delicious food and over the top restaurants. However sometimes all this dining out can mean a big bite out of one's holiday budget. The best bet is splitting when to eat on the cheap and when to splurge. There can still be fun food but it can also be wallet friendly too.

Where you want to spend for your splurge meal is up to you. Some people feel that breakfast is the most important meal (which it is) and will go whole hog  on a lavish  pancakes and eggs breakfast. Some vacationers feel just a roll and coffee or tea would be OK. Others feel that a fancy dinner especially at the shore is worth it. Some feel that a burger or a few treats from  boardwalk stands  will satisfy them. The one meal where everyone scrimps is lunch. Usually a sandwich out or taken from a local deli will suffice.

Consider yourself lucky if you rent an apartment or motel room with a kitchen . This means a lot of home cooked meals that can save money. Luckily most resort areas have either the same  super markets that are back home or have farmer's markets. This means the family can still enjoy their favorite brands  as well as be fed fresh picked fruits and vegetables. It also means that a lot of money can be saved on daily meals which translates in splurging on fun treats. Another route to go is fast food although most chains don't offer breakfasts. Yet there are dollar meals or even kiddie meals that go  for a lower price. A plus is that these menus offer a variety from burgers to salads to even sodas and shakes.

You can still eat well on a vacation budget. This can mean more money for other activities or better yet a great meal at a good restaurant. Saving cents on vacation eating makes sense.

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