Thursday, July 19, 2012

Too Many Veggies

The summer gives us some amazing harvests.That means we have endless bushels of tomatoes ,corn and peppers along with anything else veggie.Yet what happens when we over buy or over pick? What can be done with all this bounty. Julia Moskin wondered the same thing in yesterday's New York Times Dining section.She wrote about what happens when there are too many veggies in the kitchen or pantry.Most adults only eat less than half of the produce they buy or harvest themselves. the rest usually rots or gets thrown away.This should not be the case. Cook veggies and then store.They make excellent toppings for pizza or pastas.You can also use them in salads too. How to make veggies fly. Go wild and mix them with oils, salts and butter.These are the ingredients that make peppers and onions tasty for all ages.You can also cook cooked veggies into all sorts of dishes.Ms.Moskin has an excellent recipe for a leek and summer vegetable fritter.This combines healthy combos such as leeks ,as wells carrots and peas in a crunchy buttery fried puff which is served with a lemon cream dip. Another idea is turning cooked veggies into a kind of relish such as caramelized onions mixed with peppers and tomatoes as a topping for burgers. Extra veggies in the fridge? Not to worry .Use them for innovative dishes that will make summer dining fun.It's a great way of eating healthy and fun.

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