Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Wines

Most people eschew wines in the summer. They feel that a good beer or mixed drink goes better with  barbecue or pool party fare. However this is not true. There are plenty of good vintages that are excellent with grilled meats or salads. It's just a matter of picking the right one.

Barbecues consist of grilling mostly red meats. Everything from thick juicy steaks to quarter pounders are served. A great mate to these , even for burgers is a red Zinfandel. It's a bold zesty wine that compliments the meat's flavor with it's acidity and pepperiness. Another that works well with ribs and chicken is a Merlot.Its' fruitiness complements both beef and poultry. If you're serving fish or burgers then open a bottle of Pinot Noir.. Other good reds are Shiraz which goes well with saucy barbecues. If you're serving shrimp or grilled veggies then think about the German white Reisling.

Even wines can go well with salads.If you're making the ultra chic salad Nicoise then think about pairing it with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc It'll hold up well with the brininess of the anchovies and the tuna and the acidity of the tomatoes.It can also be great with a delicate seafood salad too A chicken Caesar salad calls for sweet Beaujolais. This wine is an extremely food friendly kind so you could also try it with a Cobb or chef salad.Spinach salad , a summer fave, can go with another popular one, the Pouilly Fume .It's gooseberry and smoky taste works well with th espinach leaves muskiness.Also try it with a Muscadet too.

Don;t be afraid to serve wine with your summer meals.Any bottle is perfect with a delicious grilled meat or cool salad. Try one to liven up warm weather dining and to bring out the flavors of good cooking.

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