Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer Temptations

Summer is the time of many temptations from sweet fizzy drinks to backyard barbecues .It's a tough time to be on a diet . Yet there are ways to avoid piling on the pounds and sticking to a healthy diet.

Hot weather always brings on thirst. The proper drink is water which keeps one's body properly hydrated. Yet many people love a big ice filled glass of Coke or Pepsi (or any other soda for that matter) While that may be refreshing it is also lethal . Soda carries so many calories and sugar  which is detrimental to any diet and waistline. If you have to have something flavored, think about zero calorie flavored waters or teas like Fuze. Another big problem is trying to find something cool. Most reach for a yummy bowl of ice cream or even frozen yogurt. While these do the trick they pack on the unnecessary pounds.. Again sub in Popsicles or frozen fruit juice. .These are just as refreshing but without all that dreadful fat and dairy.

Summer is also the time for easy eating and snacking. Most people usually go the fast food route whether they ;re on the road or at the beach. This means burgers or dogs along with fries and onion rings. Although delicious, especially with all that grease and salt ,they are pure fat bombs. Try to go for either a grilled chicken sandwich or even tenders. Another option is salad  which every fast food joint has on their menu. This is just as filling and some salad combos can be just as fun as a hamburger. Barbecues are also guilty of high calorie but tasty foods. Try to steer clear of sauce laden wings and ribs. Stick with making plain grilled chicken or salmon. Flavor with  a twist of lemon or lime.

Don't give in to summer's temptation.Try to eat and drink healthy , keeping your body swimsuit ready.Stick to the stuff that's good for you - not that tastes good.

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