Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Must Grilled Bread

One of the summer table's must haves is grilled bread. It can be used in a variety of different ways , from breakfast to dinner, from appetizers to snacks. It's a great way of turning those plain slices into something special.
The grilling process is easy .Just slather pieces with olive oil, butter or lard and grill for two to three
minutes. From there you can do anything you want with it.For brekafast,think of a grilled whole wheat or rye grilled in butter and then heaped with bacon and eggs. for more decadence add some Hollandiase sauce for a spin on Eggs Benedict, You can also layer ham, cheddar , and scrambled eggs for an open faced breakfast sandwich. Lunch time try the bread with tomato and mozzarella for a pizza or layer with bruschetta and cold cuts . Try grilled veggies too such as cooked asparagus,leeks or fresh cut Swiss,chard, sprinkled with a litttle Parmesan cheese.
Grilled bread can be wonderful with dinner.Use it as a base for open faced grilled steak sandwiches. Brush Italian or French bread with a garlicky olive oil grill and then top with thick slabs of meat. It's also good for sliced chicken or turkey and slightly covered with a tarragon mayonnaise. A sweet grilled bread is a perfect base for desserts. Grill challah shices  with butter and use as the base for cut peaches and strawberries. Topped off with a marscapone cheese or whipped cream.  Grilled raisin bread can be good with vanilla ice cream and topped with a hot caramel sauce.

B+Grilled bread is a summer must have. It can be made a variety of ways. Try for a different breakfast or as a variation of a lunch or dinner sandwich, or maybe even dessert. Any way it's a tasty treat during the warm weatherQ

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