Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Food Gifts

What do you bring to summer parties? A bottle of wine or cake seems too wintry as does candy. You can take advantage of the warm weather harvests as well as lighter versions of cold weather hostess gifts.These are great for any barbecue or pool party.

Fruit trays are wonderful for any indoor or outdoor soiree. They're not only pretty but liked by almost everyone. A tray full of cut strawberries and melon is not only refreshing but elegant looking on any table. They're also soothing after a dinner of spicy ribs or fiery chicken wings.A fun gift is any kind of berry with either a can of whipped cream or a tub of Cool Whip.Layers these to create tasty and low calorie parfaits for the hosts and guests. Even more fun is bringing a whole watermelon.Everyone loves a sweet ,cool slice to finish after a feast. Ice cream is also a fun gift to bring to a summer party.You can treat everyone to sundaes by bringing not only a tub but also whipped cream ,syrups , nuts and candies.An ice cream cake such as the ones that Friendly's and Baskin Robbins sell.Baskin Robbins also sells mini cones that come twelve to a box.Bring these as a festive end to a get together.Friendly's also has ice cream cupcakes that are another neat hostess treat.If you can make homemade ice cream that's another sweet present that's always appreciated. Bringing sweet cool treats to a summer party are always fun.They're also thoughtful ways of saying thank you when you're invited to a warm weather get together.

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